About me

I have been fascinated by mathematics for as long as I can remember and take pleasure in applying it to complex problems that do some good for the world. Currently, I have found my challenge in applying statistical and machine learning methods to biological and clinical data, preferably on as much data at once as possible. In my spare time I enjoy learning new languages, playing and learning about chess, traveling and last but not least, cooking and eating delicious food.

2014 – Present
Open source developer for:

2014 – 2018
PhD in Biotechnology at KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Supervisor: Lukas Käll

2011 – 2013
MSc in Scientific computing at TU Berlin / KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

2007 – 2011
BSc in Physics at Leiden University

2007 – 2010
BSc in Applied Mathematics at TU Delft

Address: Science for Life Laboratory, Tomtebodavägen 23A, 171 65 Solna, Sweden
E-mail: matthewt at kth dot se
LinkedIn: http://se.linkedin.com/in/matthewthe/